Memory Lane has a few Craters in it

more problems than a math textbook

inferometry and refractometry

you don’t see this when you’re looking at the “moon” but the beams coming off of it are trapezoid shaped.


it has a forward and a return path because it’s an illusory artifact of inferometry and refractometry making the “moon” an illusory capstone on top of a holographic pyramid.

don’t get me started on how the IBM System/360 that supposedly took them to the moon would completely lose its ability to perform calculations after 21,000 miles because it no longer has quartz to resonate with in “space” for the type of software registers and “tick counting” utilized by that platform. you may recall a post where I claimed I was making the finder crash on an m1 MacBook Air, well, I just managed to reproduce similar behavior on an intel core 5; to wit: a locally installed LLM couldn’t complete any of its responses sitting in between two mirrors facing one another while being recorded through the mirror on an iPhone 13.

I suspect this behavior has something to do with NSA QUANTUM. Linux is a meme operating system.

in any event, if you feel like you’re being bothered by someone or something outside of your control – probably over some bullshit :

take a piece of quartz, and go stand in front of a mirror with your left side facing towards it.

meditate on the quartz and relax your eyes until you see “two” pieces in front of you.

move it to the left and to the right and track it slowly so it doesn’t “disappear.”

now if you were to add a second mirror to your right side (so the two are facing eachother and you’re in the middle) and do the same thing,

the illusory copy of the quartz will have unpredictable and warped spacing as you move it to the left and the right.

the illusion bends in front of you.

its a little gap in your space-time experience.

anyway it kind of accomplishes a “hemisync” without drugs or those stupid fucking cia cassette tapes.